Cleversocial is a team of professional and experienced Digital Marketing specialists focused on providing an integrated suite of Social Wi-Fi and Social Media Marketing  Services in the American and UK markets.

We facilitate the automatic collection of valuable customer data that can then be utilised in internal marketing programmes to assist customer retention, reputation management and Sales growth.


Our team of specialists cover the key areas of :

  • Social or Guest Wi-Fi Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing ,including facebook and twitter setup.

  • Email Marketing

  • Small business web development.


We aim to serve our clients to the highest level, which means we don't work in every business category but we do with most.


Get in touch now to discover how we can work together to achieve your goals using the cleversocial.io platforms.


Our vision is to always provide an unparalleled integrated Social Wi-Fi and Social Media Marketing services.  We aim to be the number 1 go-to service that truly enables our clients to automate processes that give a real payback for the investment in our services and provide 100% client satisfaction.


Our mission is to accomplish this in a fashion that does not burden you, the client, with unnecessary work to achieve the above.