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It's a very, very bad idea to put all your trust into the likes of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. Let us help you.
It's free if we advise you and low cost if we do it for you!

Email Marketing

If there's one thing that you should take advantage of, its building a database (email lists) for your business and using email marketing to make money from it.


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Social media marketing alone should not be seen as a replacement for email marketing but rather as a support and extension for it. After all, it’s difficult to monetise Facebook Likes themselves.


Building your email list of clients or subscribers should be seen as a high priority task.

We run specialist viral campaigns for small to medium sized businesses to harvest emails of your potential clients. You get a huge increase in the list of these people.

These are then added to your list that you can then use in your email marketing campaigns. Examples being Offers, promotions, events and newsletters promoting all this.

How do we do it

Email marketing usually utilises cloud based software which also includes auto-responders. When you load your list into these services, it enables you to automate the ongoing process of keeping in touch. These can be enhanced with sales funnels which are a more sophisticated way of using software to fulfill complex sales structures. 

Things don't need to be complicated,.... We'll do it for you!

Email marketing is powerful, very powerful. As long as you do it correctly.


I sometimes receive an unfeasible amount of emails from folks who have suddenly got hold of my email from a list they found online.  

Don't do this.

Instead, have a solid strategy in place which concentrates on the goals you want to achieve and how to structure your email campaign in order to get solid and lasting results.

Obviously how you arrive at this strategy will vary from business to business and product to product. WE can help you with this so don't worry.

Resources will be made available to you in the downloads area to help you set things up for yourself if you wish. However, as always, many of you will not have the time available to do this and we will be standing by eagerly waiting to help.


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