Are your meetings getting cancelled because of the Coronavirus outbreak? Well we can help you!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Whats that you say???


The recent outbreak of Coronavirus has focused the minds of health and government officials. Travel restrictions are in place or planned on the coming weeks. If you are one of the organisations affected by this and you have had to cancel or plan for a possible cancellation of your event, have you considered moving the event online? Some events cannot be hosted online, either easily or at all, but many can. One of the facilities that we offer is to host online events with multiple features. We can't offer events that are free to attend, but the minimum ticket price can be as little as $6 and considering the time and cost people spend t get to meetings that's pretty good don't you think? What we can offer is an attendee limit as high as 100,000 visitors, way above the industry norm.

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