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Social Media Marketing
What is it? How can your business benefit?

Not everyone has the time and resources to strategise and deploy a successful social media marketing plan. Also, coming up with great content ideas to keep your business at the forefront of people's minds is a bigger task than people think, which is why we offer these services to our clients.

We offer these to our Social Wi-Fi clients and businesses whether they utilise our guest Wi-Fi or not.

However on our download area, you will find everything you need to help you launch a successful social media marketing campaign. Why do we give you all this for nothing?

Quite simply because many of you reading this will simply not have the desire or time to implement these strategies but will at least be able to see what is involved and the sort of service that you can expect when we are doing it on your behalf.


If you simply download all our material and do everything yourself, then that's fine by us and we will be glad to have been of service.


Why should I bother with Social Media Marketing for my business anyway?

So what are the Tangible Benefits?

Social media is a pretty broad spectrum these days. There are many different platforms offering different benefits to those that use them.

You can even start your own social platform if you have a niche to serve and can attract subscribers.

It's important to recognise that you have to pick the right platforms for your business or industry type. For example, facebook is fairly generic and covers most applications but instagram say, would not suit everyone. It's picture based and that might exclude certain categories of business.


The idea with SMM is that as a business, you provide interesting content that people may want to share and it's the sharing that counts. You will have heard the term “going viral “

What that means is good information about your business is being shared by very large numbers of people.  Like a virus would spread so to speak.

People love to be in the loop with things they have in common which is why people share content, quotes, snippets etc on Social Media.

Your job or ours is to make sure that the business has a good Social Media presence on the relevant platforms and the right content appears at the right time.


If everything is done correctly, your business will gain a far higher profile both locally and as far afield as you might want. Social Media Marketing benefits spread further.


Why? well because the search engines like Google are continually looking at your business presence online when they decide how far up the list of search results to place you.

Interactions with Social Media platforms are highly visible to these search engines and the more they see the better your business will rank in search results.

Say for example you have a restaurant in a town with many restaurants to choose from. Your restaurant has good reviews on trip advisor etc but has little social media presence. A Google Search for restaurants in your genre will display a list. Here you may find that competitors restaurants are higher up the list. Closer investigation will probably reveal that they have a better social media presence online as well as trip advisor reviews.

The name of the game is to utilise SMM to keep you up the list and have people sharing good things about you.   It's the modern “word of mouth “ advertising and it's also free.


Social Media Marketing also encompasses things like facebook ads which are not free but have their place for those that budget for such. We also have  Google Adwords etc. Both these mediums are technically known as “Pay per click advertising”. Very large budgets are spent in this area but it's important to have a proper Social Media strategy in place too

Don't forget to take a look at our downloads area now and learn more about how to implement a strategy for your business.

Again, if you find the prospect daunting, just get in touch with us to find out if we can help you.

We don't take on every client that asks us to manage their accounts, but we will if we think we can definitely make a difference to your business and your success!

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